Natural disasters can leave hundreds, even thousands of people homeless.

Natural disasters can leave hundreds, even thousands of people homeless.Fire.


These words strike fear into the hearts of many people who live in natural disaster “danger zones.”

Natural disasters can devastate huge areas of land, leaving thousands of displaced, homeless people in their wake.

In the midst of lost homes, lost possessions, and — worst of all — lost loved ones, people living in affected areas have to find a way to rebuild.

Too often, they don’t have the luxury of a roof over their head while they do that rebuilding.

That’s where we come in.

What We Do

Our RVs travel to places in need all over the continental United States.

Our RVs travel to places in need all over the continental United States.

In the wake of a natural disaster, Bless You, Incorporated swings into action in the name and love of our savior, Jesus Christ.

We purchase travel trailers, and stock them with bedding, toiletries, food and water, and other necessities. We then drive them to the disaster-stricken area, and work with local churches and civic organizations to identify individuals and families left homeless by the disaster.

We provide these people our stocked campers as transitional housing while they rebuild their homes and lives. Families can remain in the trailers for up to a year (or more, depending on the situation).  Our partner churches and civic organizations help us keep the trailers stocked with supplies during their stay in the area.

You can learn more about Bless You, Incorporated on the ‘About‘ page.

Why We’re Here:

Below are photos taken by our volunteers on their two trips (so far) to tornado-ravaged areas of Oklahoma. Please join us in offering continued prayers to the victims of these deadly storms as they rebuild their homes and their lives.

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