Van Engen Family Fundraiser

By Radley Heinis, Bless You Inc volunteer

We have an amazing opportunity to bless the Van Engen family and the Doon, Iowa community. Their faith and dedication to their community has been awe inspiring to us.

Randy and Rosie have lived in Doon for most of their life and have had many trials and struggles over the past years with their health. Randy has had both of his legs amputated in his battle with diabetes and his wife Rosie is a breast cancer survivor and is battling MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Both have found themselves in wheel chairs and their current house is not wheel chair friendly. You can about imagine the stress that it adds to their daily living and quality of life. Our goal is to build them a turn key house that is 100 percent wheel chair safe. We want to help raise the quality of life for both Randy and Rosie so they can enjoy their 3 wonderful kids and 8 beautiful grandkids.

This house doesn’t just stop with the Van Engen family! The house will also be designed to last for many future generations to come. In God, all things can happen that will glorify His will. This is one small part of an amazing and bigger picture in the kingdom of God. If God puts it on your heart to give or volunteer, we would be most grateful. Down below is how you can give or help! May God bless you and all the glory be God’s alone!


  1. Paypal donations accepted. Click the Donate button.
  2. Cash or check donations can be sent & made out to: Bless You Inc., 2103 Redwing Ave, Sibley, IA 51249
  3. Go Fund Me Page – Search for “Van Engen Family Housing Fundraiser”
  4. Materials – We have a detailed list of items needed to complete this project, if you’re wanting to purchase or help out that way. Please ask for a copy!
  5. Even if you can’t donate money there are needs for labor, furniture & every person is important to make all of this come together.

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